'Diamonds are Trumps in the game of hearts'

-Robert Ellieott Gonzales

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    About Shree Raj Impex

    Shree Raj Impex is a Partnership Firm registered in India in August, 2002 with its headquarter in Mumbai and manufacturing hub in Surat. It is one of the largest manufacturers of Natural Fancy Color Diamonds. It has a global presence which makes connectivity and integration of operations smoothly. It has its sister consults in Hong Kong, named as Diamond Rays HK Ltd and in Belgium, named as Star Jewel BVBA and in USA namely Lavish Color Diam.

    Shree Raj Impex has a range of products which includes carat down GIA and Non-GIA as well as carat up GIA certified diamonds. It mainly focuses on yellow, green, pink and blue diamonds.

    Shree Raj Impex success can be accredited to its fair trading practices as well fulfilling the customers requirements based on their demand.

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